#espresso with… Renato La Fianza: whatever it takes!

“The only way to strive for success is it to put as much effort as it takes,” says Mr Renato La Fianza, who has an extensive experience in the international financial sector (Merrill Lynch, UniCredit and Mediobanca). A few years ago, he decided to leave his high-ranking position at the Italian investment bank Mediobanca and start […]

The value of financed invoices by Vilnius Factoring Company increased by 73 percent in Q1 of 2019

Vilnius Factoring Company, which offers services for small and medium-sized enterprises, financed invoices for 30.6 m euros and increased its factoring portfolio by 6.4 m euros in the first three months of 2019. The growth is attributed to increasing demand for financing instruments and the reaction of Lithuanian businesses to international economic situation. In the […]

Mindaugas Stasionis. Unlocking small business potential: 3 tips for the executives of growing companies

New and growing businesses face challenges every day: you have to take care of orders for raw materials, manufacturing processes, ongoing development and sales of your merchandise, and many other things. To be able to finance all these processes with any degree of success, not only do you have to successfully reach an agreement on […]

Comment at “Žinių radijas” broadcast “Verslo pulsas”

“Most often companies go out of business not because they do not make profit. They declare bankruptcy when there is no money left to pay invoices, salaries and taxes. From the perspective of cash flow late payments are huge risk for businesses”, says Mindaugas Stasionis, deputy CEO of Vilnius Factoring Company. You can hear more […]