#espresso with… Lijana Štarienė: PayRay’s success is a creative and energetic team

“Not everyone is lucky enough to see how a financial institution is being created from scratch and contribute to it”, says Lijana Štarienė, PayRay’s Head of Law and Compliance. She decided to join the start-up company after nine  years of working in the banking sector. Today, Štarienė is convinced that the achievements of the team […]

#espresso with… Daiva Lideikienė: credit business is not about quantity but quality

“I really care about the people with whom I work,” says Daiva Lideikienė, Chief Risk Officer at PayRay. Naturally, she starts almost every day by talking to her colleagues about both the work that has been completed and the work ahead. Trips help Lideikienė to relax from her fast-paced daily routine – she revealed that […]

#espresso with… Nerijus Andrijauskas: I strive for the maximum results and I expect the same from others

“The earlier you start the day, the more you’ll be able to get done,” says Nerijus Andrijauskas, Commercial Director at PayRay. This specialist, with over 15 years of experience in the financial industry, starts his working day very early indeed – at 7:00 am. According to Nerijus, peacefully planning the tasks ahead allows you to […]

#espresso with… Paulius Jokšas: “When you have a clear goal, you can overcome any obstacle“

Paulius Jokšas, as the Chief Operating Officer of PayRay, is responsible for the company’s most important operations. He is a graduate in Finance and Economics with previous experience working in one of the country’s major commercial banks. For more than 15 years, Jokšas has held positions in the field of factoring. In his spare time, […]